jagaccitra [jagac-citra] n. a wonder of the universe - encapsulates a vision centred to our women and nature's wonders. A swimwear brand based and made with love in Indonesia.

As we grow older and the youth inside us slowly fades away, we often degrade ourselves, life does not just simply stop at 30, or 50. Unraveling timeless youth is an important aspect that we want to emphasize with our elevated classic swimwear. We believe that we could bring out the best in oneself, when one feels comfortable in their own skin and a fresh pair of swimwear. With this, we intend to create swimwear that focus heavily on fitting, comfortability, and functionality, with inclusive sizes, to empower and promote all types of bodies, as well as normalise the use of swimwear in all ages of life.

Swim in wonders of the universe; Swim in jagaccitra