TZD Jewels

Gravity Silver Midi Ring

  • IDR 1.000.000
Editor's Notes

tredici.zerodue jewels signature design and bestseller. Wearable as a midi or pinky ring, the GRAVITY SILVER is a open ended band made of solid 925 sterling silver decorated with hammered, oxidized spheres of different size. Adjustable

Details & Care
  • 925 sterling silver

tredici.zerodue jewels are made of high quality 925 sterling silver, 3 micron 24 carat gold plating and natural materials, like stones and leather.

As delicate creations, take care of them and treat them gently.

There are few simple rules you can follow to protect your jewelry:

  • Please avoid direct contact with any substances that accelerate tarnish such make up, body lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, hair dyes, sunscreens, chlorinated and salt water, detergents and disinfectants.
  • Please never put your jewelry in contact with alcohol, acetone, bleach and turpentine. These substances can badly damage silver and pearls.
  • Please avoid wearing your jewelry during activity that would expose it to risks. Jewels don't want to wash dishes or shower your pet with you.
  • Always store and transport your pieces in the packaging they came in and away from drastic temperatures and humidity.
  • Please protect your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces. Stones are very delicate and they can chip if hit with enough force or at just the right angle.
  • Please examine your jewelry to make sure the settings are snug and the joining are secure. Settings are particularly vulnerable. If hit against a hard surface or snagged on clothing you may risk the loss of the stone.
  • Professional cleanings are recommended as frequently as once a year, depending on how often you wear your jewelry. In between professional cleanings, wipe silver and pearls gently with a soft cloth. To remove tarnish, tredici.zerodue jewels recommend a silver polishing cloth, easy to find almost everywhere and perfect for all your collection of jewelry.
Size Guide
Size Chart Circumference Diameter
US 2 / XXS 4.15 cm 1.32 cm
US 3 / XS 4.41 cm 1.41 cm
US 4 / XS 4.70 cm 1.49 cm
US 5 / S 4.93 cm 1.57 cm
US 6 / S 5.19 cm 1.65 cm
US 7 / M 5.45 cm 1.74 cm
US 8 / M 5.72 cm 1.82 cm
US 9 / L 5.94 cm 1.89 cm
US 10 / L 6.23 cm 1.98 cm