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Kelimutu Truffle Cup

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Product Description

Kelimutu is Geluk's original satin base glaze. It was designed to be opaque but also to allow the natural speckle (coming from iron/ igneous rock) from the Kalimantan stoneware to come through to the surface.

Details & Care
  • Material : Stoneware
  • Firing temp : 1280° celcius
  • Capacity ± 200 ml.
  • Microwave save and dishwasher save

The process of making exposes the pieces to high temperatures in the kiln so that the clay dries hard and the glaze vitrifies. However this process can bring slight variations in shape and colour which are normal to the process and bring uniqueness to each of the pieces.

Care Instruction:

  • Gradual warming and cooling are highly recommended. Exposing ceramics to extreme temperature changes might reduce their longevity.
  • Frequent contact with hard edges might cause chipping or marking. Avoid striking the ceramic edges and try positioning your ceramics so they do not vibrate against each other when using dishwasher.
  • All the glazes are food-safe, lead-free, and tough on stain. However, cracks can provide a haven for bacteria so we do not recommend using unglazed  ceramics, particularly for food.
  • Stubborn marks can be removed easily with ceramic-safe dishwashing liquid or soaps.
  • Place your Geluk ceramics with care and avoid scratching. We lightly sand the footring of our ceramics and we use sandpaper to do so. We can assure you it is safe and we only use it for smoothing when needed.

Cup dimension: dia. 9 x H 6 cm