• Laws of The Universe - Public Culture

    Founded in 2015, Public Culture first and foremost idea is all about the youth culture. There are no rules in what we do and what we should wear. Playing around with colours, messin’ around with graphics, and always producing high quality dailywear garments that are designed to turn heads and dro...

    SEMATAWAYANG is a Bandung based fashion brand that was first released in 2018. The brand focuses on bags, by applying a nuque and colorful concept in it. The brand uses a variety of material exploration that also support sustainability concept conceiving the products. Now available on SONDERLAB!  

    Lovers Troubles is an interpretation of modern day love affair. A sacred sacrament in a digital era. Reflecting millennials’ genderless representation of style, innocent yet significant wearable pieces. Portraying a semi romanticism with bright colours and bold graphics. We are made for fun, wear...