About: Butter Goods

by Kimberly Boyles

Butter Goods gained great popularity thanks to its powerful graphics and aesthetic. Founded in 2008 by two friends from Perth, Australia. Butter Goods is formed from popular culture, and of course inspiration from the world of skateboarding, to create an interesting cross section.

Butter Goods goes beyond the average skate brand. With the quality of their pattern cuts and retro sportswear, tailored for skateboarding, it keeps Butter grounded to their roots. To spread their philosophy behind Butter Goods, the creators opened the LoFi store in downtown Perth.

Aimed to both serve the city with a great curation of complementary brands and to highlight Butter Goods. It serves as a testament to where a skateboard brand can end up. Sonderlab is the first and only stockist in Indonesia to carry Butter Goods. The exciting Australian brand is now available exclusively on Sonderlab.co. Shop here!