About: Cactus Jack

by Rey Anvio

There’s no doubt that Travis Scott is one of the prolific musicians of the 21st century. To this day, Travis Scott could be considered a culture king that had a say in regards to music and fashion. Unlike any other artists who made a little cash and dipped, Travis Scott chose to use his hard-earned reputation and money into other creative ventures. Hence, he created the Cactus Jack label and Astroworld Festival.

Cactus Jack is a record label that Scott created to help talented artists get the recognition they deserve. On the other hand, Astroworld is his annual festival that is held in Houston, Texas, exactly where the original Astroworld theme park was located. All these things he created to provide fans more than just music but a unique experience. What better way to commemorate that experience through a series of artist merchandise?

Now, Sonderlab wants to bring that experience to you. This 5th of June, Sonderlab had the privilege to offer you the Cactus Jack x Jordan Brand and Astroworld limited merchandise. These products sold out very quickly when it originally dropped, leaving a lot of fans’ hand empty. We want to give fans of Travis Scott a second chance of getting their hands on these exclusive merchandise. The collection consists of two hoodies from the “Highest In the Room” collection and one shirt from Astroworld Festival. The collections are all decorated with the Travis Scott southwestern color palette. Each piece is also branded with iconic graphics.

Are you a fan of “La Flame” whose hands are antsy for a piece of the merch? Quickly head over to www.sonderlab.co to grab these limited Travis Scott merch.