About: Perks And Mini (P.A.M)

by Rey Anvio

Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) is the brainchild of fashion power couple Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey. The brand was established in 2000 in Melbourne, Asutralia when the couple met on the streets. The couple shared a passion in fine art, fashion, and graphic design, hence naming the brand after their graffiti tags “Perks” and “Mini”.

Since 2015, the brand was based in Paris and established itself as a multi-disciplinary brand that covers music, nightlife, art, skateboarding, cycling, and many more. It gained its popularity worldwide because of its fun approach to graphic design and fashion. Since its inception, P.A.M. never stopped putting out t-shirts, sweatwear, hats, and jackets laced that attracted high demand as well as invitation for collaborations with a wide range of artists and fashion labels. Some of their well-known collaborations are with Nike, Undercover, and even the enigmatic graphics designer Sk8thing.

The brand stocks its highly sought apparels all over the world including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, London, and Moscow. This month, Sonderlab welcomes P.A.M. to its list of highly curated international brands. The pieces available are not only showing off P.A.M.’s signature fun designs but also able to highlight Sonderlab’s aesthetics. Head over to Sonderlab.co to check out the newly welcomed products from Perks and Mini.