Sonderspoon is back to give you the remarkable weekend of your life! 

To make the most of this year, we've teamed up with Lucy In The Sky to create an exclusive menu called BEER AND BOWL.

Yakitori Bowl

We bring you Yakitori Bowl - IDR 85K, a dish of garlic butter rice with yakitori, kizami nori, onsen eggs, and pickles, as well as beer based cocktails; Pink Volcano - IDR 100K NETT made with vodka, beer, strawberry syrup, and lime, and Bumble B*tch - IDR 100K NETT made with tequila, stout beer, honey, lime, and energy drink. This exclusive menu will be launched on 12 November 2022 and available till 12 December 2022 (Dine In Only). Get a voucher worth 10% off on when purchasing the BEER AND BOWL special menu.

Bumble B*tch


Pink Volcano