Exclusive Collection Haik Mosi Mosi

by Belinda Furati

This Summer, Sonderlab and Haik Mosi Mosi dropped a new release exploring more about sensibility, intuitive, and spontaneous. This collection, the brand wanted to expand our playground of creativity, since every one of every age can be taken seriously and playfully at the same time. This collaboration convey indirectly that being authentic never have an expired age.

Inspired by playground and being spontaneous in a creative process through shapes and colors, the theme of this collection is Haik Mosi Mosi’s response to Sonderlab as a creative lifestyle platform. The brand stated that this collection is for people who are playful, keen to explore and yet iconic and true to themselves, hence the minimalist shapes modified into a combination of the abstract.

For the color selection, Haik Mosi Mosi chooses a neutral colour palette and mixes it with Kinetic color. This collection utilizes different color selection material for different product.

Haik Mosi Mosi chooses Handmade resin is used for the necklaces, waterproof taslon for the bag, and cotton for the shirt. The brand’s main goal is to make everyone feel comfortable when wearing the product. This collection is available exclusively on Sonderlab.