Exclusive Collection: Hanaka for Sonderlab

Wilderness – Hanaka, in collaboration with Sonderlab, is thrilled to present their latest collection that embodies a modern vision of power and confidence through the medium of a bold printed shirt.

The theme of this collection revolves around the untamed beauty of wildlife, which is emphasized by a stunning array of jungle animals. The jungle is home to some of the most diverse and numerous species on the planet, and this collection seeks to capture the essence of this extraordinary habitat.

Inspired by the wildlife of the jungle, this collection features captivating prints of leopard and snake patterns. These species are instantly recognizable and known as powerful predators, symbolizing strength. Hanaka's signature hues of blue and purple, with a touch of orange, create a harmonious visual impact that perfectly represents boldness and confidence.

In Hanaka's commitment to sustainability, this collection utilizes Rayon material combined with eco-friendly digital printing. The eco-friendly print method reflects our dedication to preserving the environment while delivering high-quality fashion.