Featured: Pass The Torch

USSFEEDS Magazine Vol. II - Pass The Torch is a tribute to highlight culture and trends through the decades of the 1980s till 2010s, SonderLab's feature spread in the magazine pays homage to these legendary decades which shaped a majority of fashion, film and arts culture we idolize today.

The rise of the disco scene and neon colours was the essence of the 1980s when leg warmers and leotards were what everyone on Tv wore. Carina Agatha and Alessandro Georgie Yearbook inspired spread utilize the whimsicality of this iconic decade.

As for the 1990s, graphic memorabilia and walkmans were essential for the younger generation in Natasha Purnawan, and Yusuf Hantata's spread stars a touch of graffiti and hip-hop culture.

Fast forward to the 2000s, where futuristic ideas inspired movies and childhood toys. The Y2K style and graphic backdrops are the stars of Dhea Dillah Probokusomo and Kent Hadi's shoot for this affluent era.

The revival and popularity of street and skatewear vicariously lived on through the younger age of the 2010s. The contemporary take mixed with hints of the carefree casual vibe seen on Nastasia Adeline and Gerry Hadi brings the sentimentality of being effortless.

All these nostalgic looks seen from Pass The Torch are available here with the scan of the given QR code for easy accessibility.