Incense for your home!

We’re spending the majority of our days at home, burning an incense will help to reduce stress and make your home smell amazing. We’ve gathered five gorgeous objects and incense options to fuel your obsession with incense.


1. Bau Bau by Suku Home

An invitation to practice the art of daily routines and to play with the senses. Every product of @baubaubysuku is crafted by local artisans in Bali that known for their delicate craftsmanship.


2. Oaken Lab

Improve your daily ritual with Oaken Lab’s homemade incense stick with their signature scents: Conservatory, Far Afield, and Batavia Barber.


3. Tripie Suply

Tripie Suply is a creative bedroom initiated by Ones and Michael in 2016 in Yogyakarta. Through this platform, they archive and summarize issues in everyday life, as well as our interest in the landscapes we acquire during travel by realizing them through products.


4. Klei

There is no significant meaning to the name KLEI (@littleklei). KLEI is a dutch word meaning ‘clay’.

Created by two best friends based in Jakarta and Bali, the duo’s inspiration stems from the smoking habits amongst people in Indonesia. They decided to create an ashtray that people can use daily with a more artistic and playful take.


5. Elhaus

Elhaus carefully sourced high-quality material with skilled hands. This incense holder was inspired by Japanese ‘Tamadare’ pottery.

The ‘Tamadare’ technique is when the drip glaze falls naturally on top of black glaze. As the glaze melts, it becomes a substance that looks like a flowing glassy glaze.


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