Masou Atelier for Sonderlab present Spirit

In our collaborative collection, Sonderlab and Masou Atelier proudly present an exclusive line that serves as a testament to the inherent beauty dwelling within every soul. This collection is a celebration of unique and irreplaceable essence, poised to bloom and inspire the world.

This collection is a poignant expression of the beauty inherent in every soul, waiting to bloom and captivate the world with its distinct and irreplaceable essence.

Themed around "Spirit," this collection reflects our belief in the spirit as an internal compass, guiding individuals on a journey of finding purpose. Beyond personal narratives, it extends to reminiscing our identity through iconic prints from previous collections. These prints symbolize our commitment to celebrating the path, the identity, and the purpose that have brought us this far.

Inspired by the profound journey of self-discovery and purpose, this collection pays homage to the individual's lifelong quest. It embraces growth and the pursuit of a life aligned with one's deepest values and aspirations.

The selection of colors in this collection is a reflection of our brand values and purpose. Drawing from our archive, the iconic wave prints emerge as a symbol of season-less details, capturing the essence of fun, boldness, and confidence—qualities that define our identity. These prints evoke a nostalgic sentiment, reminding us of our brand's journey and evolution.

This exclusive collection features our classic signature materials, ranging from tulle to mesh, coupled with our distinctive details of ruching, drapery, and deconstructed elements. These elements harmonize to create pieces that are not only visually stunning but also true to the essence of Sonderlab and Masou Atelier.