By Kimberly Boyles


Casio's collaboration with NFP and SBTG has been the talk within streetwear culture since its first announcement in 2019, the project debuted at Jakarta Sneaker Day and sold out over three days. Due to the immensely positive feedback of this release, the brands decided to reunite again. The piece titled "The Contract", both brands decided on a timeless all-black finish, with military accents on the straps and the collaboration's symbol engraved on the metal-backed case.

 G-SHOCK is a line of shock-resistant military-grade watches created by Japanese brand Casio.  NOT FOR PEOPLE is known as an Indonesian made streetwear brand inspired by local street culture, art and scenes and has collaborated with one of Singapore's first sneaker artist, Mark Ong's label known as SBTG to reinvent G-Shock's classic watch silhouettes.

The timepiece has the reminiscence of both brand's DNA and is a simple wearable piece, to complement the watch they have created a capsule collection with the same all-black and camouflage accented theme. The line has a total of four items: A tactical vest, T-shirt, tote bag and "The Contract" watch. The capsule collection was released this summer on 20th June, in limited quantities. The traction gained left the collaboration sold out.

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