Ruby’s Lost Stone Bag

PUBLISHED BY is an Austrian studio that advanced 3D modeling and manufacturing techniques with precision craftsmanship to create sculptural accessories inspired by architecture and contemporary art. 

With the ability to eliminate the need for mass production, produce unique parts within minimal timeframes, and create designs that push the constraints of traditional manufacturing, PUBLISHED BY reduces waste and enables unimaginable creative has the ability to push boundaries.

The founder and creative director Christoph Tsetinis is Austrian and alongside Ruby Wallen, the company's managing partner, lives and works in Vienna.

PUBLISHED BY’s signature product, ‘Ruby’s Lost Stone Bag’ is inspired by a combination of the underwater life, village of Christoph’s forefathers, old texts, and Plato’s Atlantis. This bag is made out of recycled car parts, combined with plant-based fabric for the interior lining.

Published By has been worn by many artists such as Beyonce, Ellie Goulding to Kylie Minogue and even spotted season 3 of “Emily In Paris”.