At the beginning of the year, Kallarona came out with an exclusive collection on Sonderlab. This collection represents "old habits," whether good or bad, that we do unconsciously. We may not be able to change the past, but we can change our habits and make better decisions moving forward. Hope we can wisely improve our habits and stay motivated to achieve more than we ever imagined.

“SELF REMIND” is the theme behind the collection, since we are all guilty of old habits that could impact us in the future, but we can change that by reminding ourselves to act and make decisions more wisely. The black in the collection represents an "old habit," which follows us like a shadow. As an act of wiser change, we made the design as comfortable, contemporary, and timeless as possible.

This Exclusive Collection is made out of biodegradable materials, which are safe for the environment. We are going to keep using gauze as our signature material, but we have added some supporting materials such as orange fiber and tencel. There was a time when we were all about black, but now, we are all about sustainable choices.

This collection is exclusively available only on