by Kimberly Boyles


Jakarta based DJ/producer, Baldi Calvianca humble begging as a full-time musician with Strange fruit and grew his talent within dance music as well as DJ-ing. The prominent musician of the Jakarta Music scene has been apart of notable independent music collectives such as The Knife Club, Gentle Tuesday and Sensories.

Most of Calvianca's pieces and concepts stem from alternative approaches by fusing animated electronic music with a touch of a psych sensibility. One of the DJ's latest projects is Slits, space/pirate radio; creating deep and eclectic jams.



About Playlist
Something for those of you, who need a change in routine Hopefully this playlist can accompany you while working at home, cooking, an evening stroll, daydreaming and other everyday activities which are deserving of good music.

Listen to Baldi Calvianca complex sound on Sonder Sounds here.