Utopia by Suku Home

by Kimberly Boyles

SUKU home is built on values of owner and creative director Christine Lafian, such as authenticity, sustainability and connection to a global community through ethical fair trade practices. Every design and decision is made with crafts people and artisan communities throughout Indonesia - with an emphasis on Bali’s social and environmental sustainability. The brand’s main materials include bamboo rayon and cotton, manufactured on a small scale from local artisans who work under fair trade practices.

SUKU's Summer 21/22 collection, titled “Utopia”, is inspired by the small joys we encounter in our everyday living. The collection consists of hand painted patterns with a bright color palette of blue, pink, purple and orange as well as knitwear. The repetition of brush strokes presented in the collection represents the simple processes we forget to be present for.

The dreamlike new collection will be launching on the 23rd of October 2021 on Sonderlab.co