Where Quality Meets Innovation

Examples Prod prioritizes the quality of fit without compromising on style, achieving this by incorporating meticulous stitching and crafting exceptionally well-fitted shirts. From using hand-sourced raw Portuguese textiles, to perfecting the construction and print.

In 2019, two visionary friends founded EXAMPLES with a mission to redefine the quintessential T-shirt. Over a year of relentless iterations and two transcontinental voyages, they mastered the art of creating the perfect-fitting garment.

All their items, from the fabric to the final print, are crafted in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Examples Prod places an unwavering emphasis on exceptional fit, seamlessly merging quality and style.

By employing meticulous stitching and hand-sourced raw Portuguese textiles, they have engineered exquisitely tailored shirts that set a new standard for contemporary fashion.