IMINLEE is a men's wear brand that debuted in 2019 New York Fashion Week, Parsons MFA Fashion Design & Society graduation collection, and launched in 2022. JIMINLEE is a brand that expresses the ideology of sexuality and desire viewed from the perspective of Jimin Lee (the designer herself, a woman). Exploring sexuality, expressing desire through the eyes of JIMINLEE, pursuing free expression, and providing new freedom. It is a brand that focuses on the concept of eroticism and conceptual design, and its strengths are self-developed hand-drawing and beading textiles, and the combination with high-quality cutout tailoring shows the freshness of the visual. Lee explores newly discovered freedoms through work that inspires admiration for the naked male form. It talks about the exploration of sexuality, the expression of desire, the pursuit of free expression, and the perception of beauty. At the same time, the JIMINLEE brand is to develop a design that can satisfy each individual's desire for expression and expressive desire to stand out more.