Plants, pearls, stones. Unique materials, there's nothing of the same. Resin, Metals. Artificial inorganic materials. Expressing human works in nature by combining each material. KYLE provides a one and only design for you. KYLE crafts each artwork by hand carefully without compromise. To make materials complement each other, she encloses each material into artwork in a different manner.

At the finishing, she drips and dries resin drop by drop and again and again to mold the ideal shape. She selects consciously materials such as her own handmade dried flower, surgical stainless steel which causes less metal allergy, and specific resin which is less likely to yellow and has high clarity. Each artwork has uniqueness thanks to being handcrafted. they will become precious stuff only for you. Design is the theme of nature. It makes you feel calm down as touching nature. Relaxed and unique silhouette. You feel art and happiness even only for staring at them. She designs artworks hoping they make your originality brighter