Nathania Alice is a contemporary jewellery exploration narrating ever-evolving, whimsical ideas through the glass and metal forms. The brand was founded in 2022, after Nathania Alice’s studies at the University of New South Wales, studying Bachelor of Design in jewellery.

With paintings and ceramics as her passions, she is drawn to transform her own colourful art into delicate pieces of wearable, handmade sculptures through lampworking and lost wax casting methods. Alice regards her hand as her best tool. She appreciates everything that comes with hand-making, including the perfectly imperfect textures, and asymmetrical, organic shapes.

Her jewellery is whimsical and a form of an impressionist dreamscape. Nathania Alice is more than just a piece of jewellery, it is an art form full of creative imagination, made with love and countless experiments to create an explorative, immersive experience for the wearer.