Established in 2016, Nouv started out as a medium to realize the maker's personal expression through furniture making. The ideas mostly come from daily intimate objects and then turn them into something that is minimal yet functional. Nouv itself was initiated due to simple and personal questions, "In this everchanging world, is there still a room for handcrafted arts? Is it possible for us to embrace technology developments”. For the next three years, Nouv has thrived into a studio design that focused on contemporary furniture and interior design.  

Nouv produces authentic ideas and products which are a mixture of traditional craftsmanship with the modern outcome. Nouv defines itself through a set of eagle eyes for details, a love for premium materials, and a solid passion for substantial design. Here, they pride themselves on cultivating Indonesian essentials by highlighting their complexity and beauty through precision and persistence. Reinforcing their well-thought ideas and confidence in craftsmanship, their works lay mainly on their minimalist and aesthetically-pleasing outcomes without leaving the ergonomics value.