One Off Ones

One Off Ones is a Jakarta-based independent fashion brand with multidisciplinary approach. Founded by Angela Rachel in 2021 after graduating from Istituto Marangoni, London and working with numbers of notable designers such as JW Anderson and Molly Goddard. Launching in February 2021, One Off Ones wants to show pride in individuality, to present radically different image of masculinity in femininity and vice versa, relentlessly defying gender barriers to propose a progressive, cleverly non-binary vision of what fashion should be.

 One Off Ones encourages self-expression through our pieces which are inspired by music, art, architecture, subcultures and performances. Integrating the spirit and idiosyncrasy of rebellious teenage subcultures and classic silhouettes, our brand will always be both inspired and designed for the one-off ones.

One Off Ones balances on the border of creating ready to wear, everyday garments and conceptual, experimental, new designs with pieces that aren’t designed with any gender in mind; where the entire collection was shot on both female and male models to reinforce the fluidity in fashion.