Saat Senggang

Saat Senggang (loosely translating to “in the meantime”) is a collaborative project initiated by Utterly Me—an Indonesia-based beauty journal magazine—with women of all ages and backgrounds. As the name of the brand suggests, Saat Senggang is a catharsis to express passion and creativity through handcrafted goodies during idle hours.

Saat Senggang’s community consists of business women, housewives, non-working age women, embroidery communities, to an orphanage and nursing home. Saat Senggang aims to empower women by proving that productivity has no boundaries, nor age limits. As a collaborative project, we proudly uphold social responsibility and always ensure fair remuneration for all parties involved.

Saat Senggang believes that whatever you do during your free hours, that time is for you to become the most you. It is a mnemonic for our authentic self; the spark of ideas, passion, and love. Saat Senggang aims to encourage you to do the things you love and to make each second in life count.