Entering a new chapter, designer Savira Lavinia brings her brand Savlavin back to where it started. She is listening to the intense call from her artistic intuition, pulsating through her veins but hidden for some time. The intuition has now re-emerged.

“I love art and I love making art. I will now be in touch with my artistic intuition.”

Trained as a designer, Savira is determined to play with the combined approach of art and design for Savlavin. This time she will present a collection of fashion items featuring new textiles treated artistically. Savira is freeing herself to express her artistic intuition while completing her tasks as a designer. 

Now, Savlavin is going back to its origin where exploration of and experiments on fabric and other materials are at the core. The brand’s loyal and new followers alike will find an array of fresh fashion items created with fine craftsmanship and high artistry.

Savlavin also enables its creator to reconnect with her inner child, who is fascinated with “the unknown”, and has an undying love for art. This time the inner child is leaning toward the unknown but fascinating nature of the flowing water: A promise of renewal or fun. Swim, dive, see the bubbles, embrace the calming silence, and return to the surface to celebrate the brand-new day of Savlavin.