Sean Sheila, established in 2014, tailors luxurious clothes for men and women. Each piece is handcrafted and embodies strong, modern silhouettes. Our DNA lies in the application of hardware materials, and our signature embroideries. It is this attention to details that adds a touch of class and gives each piece an identity.

One of our tenets is sustainable fashion.All of our garments are created by tailors with disabilities. We’ve worked closely with the school, SBL Negeri Purbalingga, to employ their tailors since 2011, even before our brand’s creation. Each employee is trained for 2 to 4 years, from the basics of sewing to creating our embroideries. We believe that this will serve them well and allow them to become masters of the craft.

We provide them with lodging, food, and higher wages than the industry standards. In line with our goal, they are also commissioned for each garment produced. It doesn’t come without obstacles. We learnt sign language to help bridge the communication gap, and we’ve had to create our own signs for the techniques that don’t exist in Indonesian Sign Language vocabulary. However, our brand would not be what it is today, without them. We are truly propelled by their talents.

We believe sustainable fashion isn’t just about the materials—it’s also about giving back to our community.