Selected By Andien

A well-known musician and singer she is, Andien is currently active not only as a soloist musician, but also as an actress, voice-over artist, and a member of Lima Wanita vocal group, with Jazz genre sticks to her name. Beginning her career in the music industry at a very young age, she released ‘Bisikan Hati’ as her debut album. Nowadays, she is a well-known soloist with unique voice characteristics, personality, and distinct fashion preference.

Andien tends to show a bright personality in her choice of fashion items and style. Not only patterns, she also nails every textured and detailed piece, which she also wears whenever she is on stage, and any other occasions. Andien brings elegance to the next level, with perfectly fused colours she wears in even a single look, matched with every accessory which are also unique.

As a singer and personality, Andien has successfully created her own style and characteristics. She is beautiful, bold, and daring in modesty. A true epitome of one and only elegance that is her and her only; Andien Aisyah.