He was originally a musician. Beginning his career through his interest towards music and its industry, he debuted as a lead guitarist and composer. Brandon Salim then spreads his interest and opportunity into the film industry. He featured in several movies and series such as “7 Hari Menembus Waktu”, “Ngenest The Movie”, “The Underdogs”, all of “Yowis Ben” movies, “Dilan 1990”, “Dilan 1991”, and “Winter in Tokyo”,

Mostly seen in neat and casual looks, Brandon’s fashion style is actually pretty diverse, and it derives from his many interests; music, sports, automotives, and technology. With his way of combining items that may look simple, styling them into looks that are upscaled, Brandon Salim is the definition of chic and elegant. Mixing classic with modernity and practicality.

Not only does his interests relate to his fashion style, it also relates to home goods and items that are necessary for everyday life. With so many things to bring and offer, Brandon Salim is indeed a versatile figure to always anticipate and look out for.