Bolero Shrug Long Sleeves Black

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Editor's Notes


“SELF REMIND” is the theme behind the collection, since we are all guilty of old habits that could impact us in the future, but we can change that by reminding ourselves to act and make decisions more wisely. The black in the collection represents an "old habit," which follows us like a shadow. As an act of wiser change, we made the design as comfortable, contemporary, and timeless as possible.

Long sleeves Bolero with our signature

Details & Care
  • Material: Gauze 90% Lyocell 10%
  • Wash it when dirty with LERAK and rub it gently.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Dry cleaning will extend the life of color.
Size Guide
 Size Bust
S 78
M 80
XL 83

*all measurement in centimeters