Tale Of Two

Tale of Two is a clothing label and collaboration of two sisters Modhy Fitria and Inka
Fitria. Born and raised in Bali, they learned to be hands on with fashion at a very young age, seeing that their mother would sew most of their clothes due to their “petite” body size that often did not fit regular clothes. It was because of this, their favourite activity as teenagers was going around Denpasar, the heart of Bali, looking for materials to take to the local tailors and produce whatever was missing in their closet.

Throughout their career life, the pair ventured off to different industries but a calling
from their love for clothes brought the pair back to pursue their dream in fashion and design. The pair founded Tale of Two in early 2019. Utilising their bond as sisters and arming themselves with individual strengths, Tale of Two went from being a one-off venture to becoming their very own success story.