Vegan Tiger

VEGAN TIGER is the first vegan fashion brand in Korea with the slogan ‘CRUELTY-FREE’ to end fur animal suffering and give consumers wider choices.

Not only fur, but also produced by the exploitation of life are not used, and design with carefully selected excellent non-animal materials to replace them. As opposed to the two words, the BRAND NAMING, Vegan, Tiger, meaning tiger-eating vegetable, goes beyond the limits of vegan fashion through the MIX MATCH of material and color based on Vegan Tiger's unique ART-WORK, presenting innovative yet bold fashion sustainability.

We make all the messages of empathy from life that may be a little profound and match basic silhouettes, and patterns with bold colors more witty and kitschy.

Some of the proceeds are turned into donations for animals and the environment, and we strive to create beautiful coexistence and ethical consumption cycles for the planet.