Jawan Hug Earring Silver

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Editor's Notes

A small simple round earring with intricate Jawan embellishment. Beautiful on it's own but also a beauty paired with others. 

Jawan is a traditional Balinese embellishment method where silver granules and attached to a silver surface by hand. It takes a lot of love, patience and skills. 

We love the idea of combining modern simplicity with the intricate traditional details.

Details & Care
  • Handmade with 925 silver

Our 925 silver jewelry may oxidize, that is normal. Things that may speed up oxidation: saline solutions, sweat, soaps, perfumes and storage with other oxidized jewelry. If this happens don’t worry just polish with a soft cloth and silver polish it will return its shine.

Size Guide
Sizes Diameter Circumferences
US (inch) (mm) (inch) (mm)
4 0,586 12,884 1.85 47
5 0,619 15,723 1,929 49
5.5 0.635 16,129 1,969 50
6 0,652 16,561 2,047 52
7 0,685 17,399 2,126 54