5 Things You Need To Know about TOGA!

1. TOGA was founded in Japan, Tokyo in 1997 by Yasuko Furuta. Furuto studied Fashion Design & patterning at Esmod Japan & Esmod Paris (1994).

2. The name of TOGA is about an Ancient Roman garment made of single piece of fabric and worn over a tunic. Furuta said “It was the idea of starting something new and original that drew me to the name."

3. TOGA has developed labels to show a variety of garments such as the shoe line "TOGA PULLA SHOE", the pre-collection line "TOGA PULLA", and the men's line "TOGA VIRILIS”. 

4. TOGA has been awarded many awards in their early careers such as The Best of young designer  & Grand Prize of The MAINICHI Fashion Award, ‘ANDAM’ prize and finalist for Swiss Textile Awards.

5. Their infamous TOGA shoe collection made in Portugal, and made using some of the best quality materials around - it’ll last you forever!