Abolishing lines between genders

In this Exclusive Collection, Sonderlab and Saroong Atelier are inspired by the ancient bugis culture. This collection highlights 5 forms of gender in BUGIS society: Makkunrai, Oroane, Bissu, Calabai, and Calalai and how gender diversity has been ingrained in society and our culture for the longest time. With the collection's key themes being self-expression and fluidity- Culture, gender, authenticity, and modern society are all woven together in this collection.

The prints and colors used in this collection represent femininity and masculinity emerging into a single gender. Our pieces are designed to blur the lines between genders, providing a neutral space for all free and bold spirits where they are able to express themselves freely. To make the pieces versatile for everyone, we incorporated a lot of black and silver with a dash of pink and orange.

Using a combination of various Tenun materials- Saroong Atelier has repeated this process through this exclusive collection, adding a different Tenun to each piece to emphasize its authentic design. This Exclusive Collection is available only on Sonderlab.