by Belinda Furati

This Summer, The Hundreds is bracing for what could be the last Summer. The Hundreds Summer 2022 collections explores the dark themes of summer, just beneath the thin layer of bright, vibrant colors that hide the humid truth.

This collection took traditionally happy Summer silhouettes like Hawaiian Short Sleeve But ton-Ups, Zip-Up Hoodies, and Golf Polos and sprinkled just a dash of existential d read onto them. Prints that normally show carefree beach scenes and nature now reveal the stark reality of hurricanes, wildfires, and the looming rapture right around the corner.

With changing climates, deadly pandemics, and widespread panic, should you survive the apocalypse, at least you’ll look good. This collection includes T-Shirts, Short Sleeve Button-Ups, Pullovers, Caps, and Socks and available now to purchase on