About: Carne Bollente

by Rey Anvio

Sex, a topic that is, to a certain extent, considered taboo to be freely talked about in daily conversation. Whether you live in a well-developed metropolitan like New York or an emerging third-world country such as Indonesia, sex seems to be a topic that a lot of people try to avoid, even when it’s in the context of education. Is it because of what our parents told us, or perhaps is it because of how sex is represented in the mass media? Regardless of the origin of this mindset, nowadays more people and communities are starting movements to promote sex positivity, not in any way to establish a perverse world but rather to educate. This is where Carne Bollente comes in as a brand.

Carne Bollente is a Paris based brand founded in 2014 by Theodore Famery. Focusing in the subject of sex positivity, Carne Bollente’s scenic sex illustrations allow people to embrace their own sexuality and kinks through clothing. Without being problematic, Carne Bollente succeeded in addressing sexual taboos while managing to provoke emotions. However, though it might sound ironic, unlike any other streetwear brands that uses sexual elements and references in their graphics, Carne Bollente managed to present sex without perhaps looking too raunchy or to only highlight the message of fornication.

Instead, Carne Bollente seemed to promote the idea of wanting everyone to feel confident, safe, and free irregardless of their sexual identity, expression, or orientation. Focusing on the message of positivity, Carne Bollente even donate a portion of their clothes to the AIDS Association in Paris in which 100% of the profit from the sales are used to fight against AIDS. Moreover, they also practice sustainable sourcing in which they only use organic cotton and certified materials in their clothing.

This month, Sonderlab welcomes Carne Bollente into the list of interesting and, of course, fashionable international brands. For cautionary purposes, the brand and their products are not for the faint of heart. It is intended to be worn by people who are already or at least learning to be more confident in their own skin regardless of societal norms. Are you one of them? Head over to Sonderlab.co to find out!