About: Raw Emotions

by Rey Anvio

RAW EMOTIONS gained its reputation as a brand making bootleg classic Cantonese movie t-shirts. The brand itself has a philosophy of fashion as an expression of human beings, even sexual fantasies in their own abstract ways. They are in the industry to present dreams, maybe even yours. Now, Sonderlab welcomes Raw Emotions collection of rugs, an entry point of the brand to the realm of homeware.

The collection consists of three tiger rugs with each having its own unique colorway. One of the rugs called the Ugly Tiger Rug is actually the product of a collaboration between Raw Emotion and the Hong Kong based retailer, 432Hz. According to history, the tiger rugs are related to tantric mediation in Nepal and remained a staple piece in Tibetan art. Honoring the history behind it, Raw Emotions created a representation of the tiger rugs with their own unique twist.

This eye-catching piece could definitely be a great addition to your home decoration. It could definitely keep things interesting when you’re at home and serve as a statement when guests come over. Price don’t lie as Raw Emotions really paid attention to the details and quality of their own rendition of the Tibetan Tiger Rug.

Head over to Sonderlab.co to check out this piece and start making things a little or even more interesting in your home decor.