by Rey Anvio 


To those that keep up with current fashion trends, it is mainly known that vintage garment and bootleg merch have become somewhat of a global fashion trend. In spite of the age of the clothe, the worn out quality of a vintage garment is sought after by fashion enthusiasts. On the other hand, bootleg merch provides fans with an emotional connection to an artist, modified by the designer’s translation of their experience with the music. This is where Double School comes into play. Founded in 2020, Double School gained a reputation in the Indonesian streetwear scene by providing vibrant designs reminiscent of 90s culture. Double School does not only offer streetwear enthusiasts with apparels to add to their wardrobe but also stories translated into design that appeals to stylists, influencers, DJs, and musicians.

After the success of its first collection that sold out within 3 days, Double School is set to release its new collection. The collection consists of 4 graphic T-Shirts influenced by hip-hop music both old school and new school. It consists of T-Shirts with graphics of the legendary Tupac Shakur and the late MF Doom, representing the old school side of hip-hop. To add a touch of a more modern version of hip-hop, Double School also referenced Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky, two rappers that are a big influence in current youth culture. The design is reminiscent of old Southern Pen & Pixel album covers, signifying the influence of old school hip-hop on Travis and Rocky’s music.

Double School is set to release this new collection today, March 20, 2021. Head over to to cop this fresh and exciting release from Double School.