ÉGON Drop 1 Collection for SONDERLAB

by Rey Anvio

ÉGON is known for its colorful bags that are sought after by many of Sonderlab’s customers. Head over to ÉGON's page in Sonderlab’s website and you could find 8 products that are already sold out. The designs of its hats and bags showcases the distinctive quality of ÉGON s products.

Now, ÉGON returns with a collaboration with Sonderlab. The collaboration is a marriage between ÉGON and Sonderlab’s signature look. Unlike its previous releases that utilizes vibrant color to catch one’s eye, ÉGON explored a darker shade inspired by Sonderlab’s signature slick appearance. Instead of looking into the past as reference, this time ÉGON is more inspired by futuristic design, specifically colors that resemble a spacecraft. 

The collection consists of a bag with a glow-in-the-dark logo embroidery. Contrary to their previous bags, this bag has a long and adjustable strap that could be fine tuned to its wearer’s preference. As a special addition, taking advantage of their leftover yarn, ÉGON added a hand-crocheted card holder specially tailored for each customer. This exclusive release is marked to drop today at Sonderlab.co.


Muse Arunee Sarasetsiri (arunee_s)