Dream Dialogues

The last time you dreamed big shouldn’t be the last time you dream at all.
Taking inspiration from the wonders we all have, theories of and ÉGON invites us to dream again with their new collaboration titled DREAM DIALOGUES.
After giving birth to their previous collaboration ‘theories of Time Capsule’, theories of and ÉGON collided once more to bring back moments and reveries into life with their “Dream Dialogues” collaboration.

This time, the magical duo team up with Sonderlab to bring the full range of experience for us to feel. The products that they created are a set of Olfactive Essentials that add sparks to our days, such as their Fragrance Tags that you can use as a Bookmark and Air Freshener, their Multi-purpose Fragrance Sprays for activities such as Sleeping, Meditation and Yoga, along with their Huggable Pillow called Hubblé. We see so much in our dreams at night—longings, visions, yearnings... but why do we bury them by day? The product that theories of and ÉGON created are directly inspired by objects that they meet in their dreams, combined with theories of’s olfactory translation of what dreaming and being in constant reverie feels like.

The scent that they used for their products are blends that have soothing properties to help you relax and be at your flow state. They believe that bringing an essence of wonder in your daily life might just be the remedy for you to live your life to the fullest.