The Era of The Mask with DIBBA

by Belinda Furati

DIBBA, established since 2016, is an Indonesian fashion brand known for their impeccable use of prints and play on themes. Owned by Faisal Shah and Ykha Amelz - the duo mastermind behind this colorful brand - DIBBA stands apart with other brands by incorporating elements of Indonesian cultures and traditions with a twist. For their newest collection, MASKERA - The Era of the Mask, DIBBA articulates the idea on how masks have played such important roles in our daily lives as of recent years, as a form of protection but also as a disguise, concealing the true identity of oneself within.

This collection is inspired by tribal masks from different parts of the world to represent different forms of functional to ceremonial uses. The brand wanted to show their take on tribal and ethnic masks by re-creating traditional masks from all over the world to a mutated version of them, as well as by combining nostalgic modern references to create this exclusive release for Sonderlab.

The printed cotton as well as stretched printed mesh fabric are complimented with burnt orange as the color base for the whole collection. The color represents youthfulness energy and excitement, contrasting with the bright and colorful tribal marks of the print. The brand wanted to convey the idea of “mood” dressing, not necessarily for the ideals of function, but for uplifting moods with colors and prints.