How Noah’s Brendon Babenzie shaped the fashion industry today.

By Darren Pulunggono


The way I see it and through their various kinds of clothing, Noah's products are something that people of all ages can wear and pull-off. This environmentally conscious clothing brand was founded by none other than Brendon Babenzien as a way to bring surf, skate, and music culture together while keeping the integrity of classic menswear.

Babenzien was formerly the creative director of one of the most influential and most well-known streetwear brands that cultivates the skate culture, Supreme. He left Supreme in 2002 to launch his very own brand, Noah, though sadly closing in 2007 where he then returned back to Supreme. Through time and hard work, he realised what he really wanted to do with his brand and decided to leave Supreme for good to relaunch Noah in 2015. He envisioned Noah as a brand that can send a message and raise awareness towards the environment and other related problems.

For a person who might not be able to pull off the products Noah makes, I fell in love with almost all of the clothes from their lookbooks they've had throughout the years. I’ve come to learn that Babenzien has a thing for checkered and striped designs. Also, he loves to play with colours as you can see in most of his lookbooks. Some of Noah’s designs are inspired by the likes of sailors and fishermens, where they want to make clothes that are stylish yet still have functionality.

There’s a certain aesthetic that defines Noah’s originality, from the designs to the way they interact with customers. Noah has definitely proven themselves to be one of the most influential brands to not just fashion but also awareness of certain problems happening around the globe. They’re not forcing you to buy their products but they want you to take the time to read what they have to say in their collections. What’s unique to them is that they want and encourage you to bring the pieces back after wearing them, and tell them the story of what you did with them. AND you can get a discount on your next piece if you do it. I’ll definitely be telling a whole lot of stories with my piece. 

I genuinely can’t wait for them to drop more collections in the future, and I’m definitely gonna start my own story with their products real soon.