Things about Double School.


By Brian Notodihardjo


Before we talk about what Double School is, this is a piece of information for you guys!

Bootleg itself is an alternative piece that was born from the mind of an individual that was bored of the designs of official merchandise t-shirts, as they felt it looked monotone. The passionate ideas that were born for bootleg designs became it’s foundation though only very limited quantities were made.

So for whoever thinks that Bootlegs are fake, you’re totally wrong because fakes usually follow the exact designs from official merchandise, but with qualities that aren’t as good as the original one. Meanwhile, not only that the designs for Bootleg come out in limited quantities but they are, also, sometimes a lot better than the original one.

Double School

Double School itself has their own philosophy which is, “We call it Double School, ‘cause it’s a mix between New School & Old School, a reminiscence to the 90s culture and its way of life.” This brand that just showed up in the early 2020 gives a different touch when compared to other brands that are already in Jakarta since before.

Double School gets their inspirations from vintage 90s streetwear, hip-hop, movies & sports. They want to create a sense of casual yet comfortable, and still look cool and trendy. You could say that the “Bootleg” trend has been there since the 90s and is still being sought after to this day.

The first article from Double School will be released exclusively in with the price tag of IDR 269.000, so don’t miss it guys!