Kiss and Destroy

by Belinda Furati

Voices has arrived with an exclusive collection with Sonderlab. Voices are always inspired by music and other supporting elements. In this collaboration collection, Voices offer the concept of its interest in the American rock group, KISS, which has a very militant die-hard fan base around the world across generations. The songs that are played are quite related and very representative of the young soul - boy or girl, young or old. Hence, the theme of this collection is Kiss and Destroy.

The meaning behind the collections is the same as having one common interest in something or having one common vision. In this context, Voices try to describe this collection with a profile of a die-hard fan girl from the old American rock band KISS. Even though the profile is a feminine based, the cool side of the rock is not inferior to the masculine. Simple graphics with vibrant primary colors are enough to communicate in terms of pop culture.

Simple graphics with vibrant primary colors are seen throughout this collaboration. With the use of materials that are light enough to be worn, such as US Jersey cotton for the unisex t-shirts and breathable micro poly mesh for the Raglan dress.